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60M Tall Ship Custom

Estimated price for orientation: 4 400 000 $

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Class: Sail

60M Tall Ship Custom

Iconic Tall Ship, with a Michael Willougby sail plan, built and maintained to MCA requirements. The perfect platform for sail training or adventure sailing the planet over.



The ship was built in Appledore in 2000 a hull that had been constructed in Germany. The naval architects were Burness, Corlett and Partners Ltd and the rig was designed by the world famous sail training expert Michael Willoughby.


Why is the Tall Ships Youth Trust selling the ship?


Over the last few years the Trust has been doing much more work with small groups of very disadvantaged and disabled young people. It sees this as an area of further growth and development in the future including operating more voyages dedicated specifically to its partner organisations. To do this, it is looking to replace its existing Tall Ship, STAVROS S NIARCHOS, with a smaller Tall Ship that better suits its small group work.




  1. Modern ship (2000).
  2. In class and currently operating.
  3. Fully compliant to operate anywhere in the world.
  4. Modern, full specification of equipment including 2 x engines, 2 x controllable pitch propellers, air conditioning, sewage treatment, water makers, satellite communications, radar, bow thruster and water tight doors etc.
  5. 6 x Water tight compartments, complying to UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency damage stability rules.
  6. The youngest Tall Ship on the market (2000) and probably the best not only in terms of equipment but also condition having been maintained to UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) standards by a professional ship manager (Northern Marine Management Ltd, part of the Stena group).
  7. She would cost at least £20,000,000 to build from new.


Summary of Vessel:


At 60 metres and crowned by ten square-rigged sails STAVROS S NIARCHOS cuts an impressive sight whether heeling under the wind or cruising the calms of distant shores. Currently used as a sail training vessel, the STAVROS S NIARCHOS is a magnificent brig operated by the Tall Ships Youth Trust, a charity founded in 1956 and previously called The SailTrainingAssociation. Having taken 100,000 trainees to sea and sailed 1.8 million nautical miles, the Trust is building on its successful track record, particularly with disadvantaged and disabled young people, by developing more dedicated group voyages with its partner organisations. To do this, it is looking to replace STAVROS S NIARCHOS with a smaller Tall Ship.


With a total sail area of 949 square metres and consisting of seven staysails, a spanker and ten square sails STAVROS S NIARCHOS can be operated under power by just seven core crew who then form the backbone of the sailing crew.  While having the appearance of a classical tall ship she is equipped with a full specification of modern equipment including two controllable pitch propellers, air conditioning, water makers, satellite communications, radar and a bow thruster.  Suitable for refit into a luxury ocean going yacht or a continued career as a training vessel STAVROS S NIARCHOS is a rare opportunity to own and sail a modern square rigged brig.


Accommodation for 67 in 5 double, 6 single, 1 three berth and 6 dormitories with 8 pipe-cot berths.


The current dormitories could be easily removed during a refit to make way for larger luxury cabins.


Two 333kw Mercedes auxiliary engines power the brig to 9 knots with bridge controls on both wings.


The hull is divided into six water tight compartments and complies with the damage stability rules set out by the U.K. Maritime and Coastguard Agency.


Both masts have steel lowers and timber top masts reaching a height of 36 metres above the water. 


The rigging was designed by the world famous Michael Willoughby using a traditional approach and modern materials.


Two deckhouses, one containing the wheelhouse, Master’s cabin and ward room, the other containing the fully equipped galley, pantry and mess room with service for 48 persons. 


An extremely rare opportunity to own one of the world’s most magnificent sailing ships.


Current Programme:


In the Canaries until mid March then the Azores until end March then sailing back to the UK arriving back mid April followed by a busy summer programme.


Background Information about the Trust and its work:


Formedin1956 as The Sail Training Association, the Trust is one of the world’soldest and largestsailtrainingcharitiesdedicatedtothe personal developmentof young people aged 12 to 25.


Over 100,000 trainees have sailed 1.8 million nautical miles on its fleet – a 60m brig STAVROS S NIARCHOS, four 22m ocean going Challenge Yachts and a 19m catamaran. Previous vessels have included the two 37mschooners MALCOLM MILLER and SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL.


Each year, over 3,000 people sail with the Trust plus 75% of the young people are disadvantaged or disabled. For most, it’s an unforgettable experience:-


“I’m always being told that I’m trouble, that I’m not good at anything – but my voyage changed all that. I’ve learnt how to work in a team, that discipline gets things done and above all, that I can do all sorts of things I didn’t know I could.” James (16)


Typically, a voyage is a week long though there are also short, taster voyages. The maximum complement on the Brig is 67, 18 on the Challenge Yachts and 10 on the Cat. Within this, there are 48 voyage crew berths on the Brig, 12 on the Challenge Yachts and 8 on the Cat. In addition to these, there’s a small complement of permanent crew supported by a team of experienced volunteers. These come from a pool of some 1,500 regular volunteers, all of whom have sailed and been recommended by the permanent crew. Some 20% return as volunteers.


In order to keep the ships operating and filled all year round, voyages are also available to the “young at heart” up to the age of 80.


“It was a lifetime wish to sail on a square rigged ship. Both the permanent and volunteer crew were so organised and professional. Every task was explained in a friendly way.” David (63)


For most young people, a Trust voyage is a turning point. Living, working and eating together in such a unique, physically and mentally challenging residential environment young people don’t just learn about life at sea. They learn about life itself. From the minute they step on board, young people work in Watches (teams), taking responsibility for themselves and others. Tasks include setting and stowing sails, helming, rope work, anchoring, navigation, meteorology, cleaning and maintaining, food preparation and galley work.

As a result, while on board young people develop a wide range of skills relevant to all aspects of their everyday lives including self-reliance, communication, problem solving, decision making, team working, leadership, timekeeping, social skills, awareness of health and safety. Their self-esteem soars and they learn that the more they put into a task, the more they get out of it.


“After Tom’s younger brother died, he started drinking heavily, left home and started living on the streets. It wasn’t long before he was in trouble with the police. Then he went on a voyage. He’d never met people before who just accepted him for what he could contribute instead of judging him for what he’d done before. He hasn’t been in trouble with the police since and often goes back as a volunteer. This is one of the most spectacular turnarounds I’ve ever seen in a young man”. Angela, Probation Officer about Tom (16).


Today the Trust remains a world leader in developing young people to their potential. Based on the philosophy that a mix of young people is of benefit to all, they come from a total cross section of society with the Trust providing bursaries to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a voyage. This generates a group of young people who would never have met on land and who have a unique opportunity to learn about and from each other.


Trust voyages have a significant impact on young people’s lives. Externally validated statistics show that after a voyage, 95% have increased self-esteem, 90% are better team players, 80% better communicators and 70% have improved problem solving skills. These are all skills which raise young people’s expectations and increase their employability. 


“This is the first time Ellie has been assessed on her ability not her disability. From the moment she stepped on board she was accepted as part of the crew. It truly changed her life”. Ellie’s Mum (daughter has Downs Syndrome)


Recent initiatives include voyages for young people with Special Needs, Tall Ships Academy (training route from first experience to MCA Yacht Rating), Sail for Heroes® and multi-cultural, multi-faith diversity voyages.


“What is most overwhelming for me is the understanding that we are all one. It doesn’t matter where we have come from or what has brought us here together. Ancient political anger and cultural differences, even language barriers fade away. At the end of the day we sit together…as though being together is the most natural thing in the world………….. I think it is.”   Imran (19)



Hull 50.2m. Bowsprit 9.15m


Square Rigged Sail Training Vessel

Sail Area:

949 sq metres (Brig Rig 18 sails on two masts with rigging designed by Michael Willoughby)

Masthead Height:

36.5 m / 123ft above the water

Gross Tonnage:

493 tons

Net Tonnage:

198 tons

Water Tank Capacity:

Drinking 24.3 cu. ms, Washing 19.0 cu. ms, Ballast: 29.07 cu. ms


Steel hull, aluminium superstructure, steel masts and lower yards


Lloyds 100A1 Sailing Ship LMC UMS

MCA Compliant:

Yes. Coded as a Large Commercial Yacht under the MCA Large Commercial (Mega) Yacht Code

Damage Stability:

Hull divided into 6 x water tight compartments compliant with damage stability rules set out by UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency


6 x Single (1 x en-suite)

5 x Double

1 x Three berth

6 x Dormitories each with 8 x pipe-cot berths

Complement Sleeping:

67 (Cruising: 69)


2 x Deckhouses, one containing wheelhouse, Master’s cabin and wardroom; the other containing fully equipped galley, pantry and mess room

Lifesaving Equipment

69 x Immersion Suits

8 x 25-person 1 x 6-person liferafts

1 x Zodiac Pro Rescue Rib, 1 x 50Hp Suzuki outboard

Navigational / Satellite Communication Equipment

1 x Decca Bridgemaster 9Ghz Radar

1 x Furuno M1944C Radar/Plotter

1 x Furuno NX 500 Navtex

1 x Furuno FA150 AIS

1x Ships Security Alert System

1x Tokimec Gyro with bridgewing repeaters

1 x Lillie and Gillie Magnetic Compass with Flux Gate interface

Full Brookes and Gatehouse wind instrumentation with repeaters


1 x Humber 5.50m RIB, 2 x 50hp Suzuki outboards

2 x Orkney rowing boats


1 x 6m and 1 x 3m alloy gangways

Cruising Area



2 x MTU 333 kw

Fuel Capacity:



2 x Controllable Pitch

Bow Thruster:

1 x 80 kw


Service - 3 x Cummins 80 kw

Emergency – 1 x Cummins 80 kw

Power Supply:

240v 50 hz


Air Conditioning

Reverse Osmosis Water generation

Sewage Treatment Plant (Type approved/USCG accepted)

Navigational and Satellite communication equipment

Bridge Wing Controls

Cruising speed:

9 knots under power, maximum 13 knots under sail

Fuel Consumption:

50 litres per hour / 1.2 tons per day under engines at normal cruising speed

8 litres per hour / 0.2 tons per day under sail


Broker’s Remark:


The STAVROS S NIARCHOS has and is still carrying out important work with the Tall Ships Youth Trust; but as you have read, their focus is changing and they now plan to replace her with a smaller tall ship.


Her new owners will have the opportunity to utilize her potential for the following activities -


  1. Sail training.
  2. Team building.
  3. Adventure sailing in high and low latitudes.
  4. Research work worldwide.
  5. Private use.


Of course, there are many other adventures she could undertake, and she has the potential to fulfill a number of functions in an annual program.


Because the ship is of recent build, she complies with all the existing commercial regulations and this makes her easy to use for a multitude of tasks. 


The sight of a tall ship under full sail is heartwarming. The ownership of such an outstanding and modern tall ship is not often offered on the brokerage market.


Please contact us for further information.




Make60M Tall Ship


Year built2000


Hull MaterialSteel


Sleeping places67